Visit us at Bryce Museum and come hand feed our Exotic Fallow Deer. We currently house 40 spotted european deer, but by June, 2010 we expect to have 20 newborn babies. The museum has deer food available in our shaded feeding area and these friendly creatures will eat right out of your hand and let you pet them. This is a great activity for the whole family, especially for children as they get to interact with these beautiful animals. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

In addition to more than 800 animals from around the world, the museum also features ocean fish, birds of prey, Indian artifacts, and one of the finest butterfly collections on the West Coast with more than of 1,600 butterflies. After enjoying the museum, you can feed a heard of live European Fallow Deer


• The most natural displays anywhere.

• Each scene is real.

• All the habitat has been preserved to maintain its natural beauty.