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ATV Trails

Over 100 miles of trails along Bryce Canyon National Park. View wildlife, have your picture taken, enjoy scenic viewpoints and a beautiful lake!

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Coyote Hollow Loop

The 12 mile long Coyote Hollow Loop starts just off from our location by Highway 12 by the top of Red Canyon and is a gateway to the other trails. The trail is filled with beautiful grasslands, sage brush flats and small hills.

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Dave's Hollow Loop

Just off HIghway 63, Dave’s Hollow Loop provides convenient access to many of the other parts in the Paunsaugunt Plateau. Juniper, Ponderosa Pines and Pinyon are abundant in the trail, and it is a perfect spot for antelope sighting. The light 7 mile ride is excellent for the whole family.

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King Creek Loop

King Creek Loop starts off the Tropic Reservoir Trailhead, a great spot for fishing. The 17 mile long trail loops through a beautiful conifer forest and takes about an hour to complete if no stops are made. The trail head is located right by an ATV accessible campground.

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Badger Creek Loop

Starting at the Tropic Reservoir Trailhead, Badger Creek Loop is one of the most scenic ATV trails in the plateau, passing through the Chimney Rock Hoodoos and many viewing areas that provide majestic sights of hoodoos and cliffs. The 30 mile long trail takes approx. 2 hours to go through.

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Straight Canyon Loop

This 19 mile long loop makes for an exciting and more challenging experience, as the trail winds through a series of narrow paths above fiery pink and red cliffs stretching for hundreds of feet.

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Crawford Pass Loop

Crawford Pass Loop runs along the top of the Paunsaugunt Plateau and is filled with beautiful conifer forests and rock cliffs as well as hoodoos. Wonderful views of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and many other close by treasures are some of the highlights of this trail. The 8 mile long trail takes approx. 30 minutes to finish without any stops.